LAKE DALLAS, Texas - Plumbing Agent, an online job service designed to aid plumbing contractors in finding qualified applicants and help job seekers in finding employment, has been launched. According to the company, the service is free for job seekers while providing cost-effective recruiting for employers. The service was created by HVAC Agent, a major online employment resource for the HVACR industry.

Plumbing Agent is designed to enable plumbing, piping, and fire suppression companies to band together as a group to gain the same recruiting resources as a Fortune 500 firm, says the company. Plumbing Agent combines the fees paid by all its members to increase the group's employment advertising budget and staff necessary to manage it, essentially consolidating the recruiting efforts for everyone. Through consistency in advertising online as well as through many traditional non-Internet sources, Plumbing Agent uses this budget to attract experienced applicants nationwide.

The service's staff not only manages the recruitment advertising efforts, but also does the initial evaluation of each potential applicant based on the employer's plumbing job requirements. This evaluation process helps eliminate those who clearly do not qualify.

For job seekers, the program is free and works very similar to a traditional Internet career site. The user can create an account online, as well as search and apply for available positions across the Unites States. However, in the cases where a job seeker doesn't have Internet access or is uncomfortable adding their information online, Plumbing Agent's staff will take their information by phone at 800-396-4822 or the job seeker can fax a resume toll-free to 866-396-4833.

For employers, the standard fee to become a member of Plumbing Agent is $1,157 (per location) for the first year, which can be paid in monthly installments of $89/month with a one-time setup fee of $89. During the initial launch period, from now until Dec. 31, 2005, plumbing employers can enroll for $897 (per location) for the first year, or monthly installments of $69/month with a $69 one-time setup fee.

For more information, call 800-396-4822 or visit

Publication date: 12/05/2005