MILWAUKEE - The World Environment Center has announced that its 20th Annual WEC Gold Medal for International Corporate Achievement in Sustainable Development has been awarded to Johnson Controls Inc. for creating shareholder value through businesses and initiatives that enable energy efficiency and reduced carbon dioxide emissions; facilitate resource efficiency, reuse, and recycling; and promote green building design concepts.

John M. Barth, chairman and chief executive officer of Johnson Controls, will accept the award at a formal gala event on May 14, 2004 at the National Building Museum in Washington.

"We are proud to accept this prestigious award, and I thank the WEC for recognizing our efforts," stated Barth. "Our environmental performance is the result of our commitment to our corporate values, which form the foundation of our policies, ethics, corporate culture, and business strategies. Our values embody the spirit of sustainability. They lead us to socially responsible behavior in our workplaces and in our communities, and are reflected in the products and services we provide to customers."

As part of the Green Building Initiative, Johnson Controls has collaborated with the nonprofit U.S. Green Building Council, in particular, to help produce the LEED green building rating system for designing and constructing green buildings. The company's Brengel Technology Center in Milwaukee is one of the nation's first green buildings certified under LEED.

The World Environment Center Gold Medal for International Corporate Achievement in Sustainable Development was established in 1985 to recognize industry leadership initiatives and contributions to worldwide environmental quality and sustainable development. The WEC Gold Medal is awarded annually by an independent jury comprised of international environmental experts. The jury examines all applications submitted by qualified multinational companies each year. Each nomination is examined for a clearly articulated set of values, a history of proven accomplishment, a global outlook, and a commitment to sustainable development.

Publication date: 02/09/2004