FALLSTON, Md. – The American Contracting Exchange Inc. is promoting its home improvement Web site (www.homerepair.org) by asking visitors some basic questions, such as: “Do you know who is on your roof, or in your bathroom, down in the basement, or out on the lawn?” If that person is doing repairs, remodeling, installations, or home improvements and is not licensed and insured, “you could be headed for trouble,” according to a company press release.

George Waldhauser, president and founder of American Contracting Exchange, advises Web site visitors to send for a free brochure — “Surviving a Home Remodeling Project” — which is a step-by-step outline containing what to expect, how to select a contractor, and a “Punch List” of items to determine completion and final payment (available online or by mail).

Walhhauser said, “Potential contractors can test their skills at the “First National Contractors Quiz,” and find information at the “Tool Shed.” Licensed and insured contractors can obtain a listing with American Contracting Exchange Inc. through an online application process.

For more information, visit the Web site or call 800-892-0007.

Publication date: 01/20/2003