ATLANTA - Energy Systems Group LLC (ESG) and the administration of Muscogee County School District (MCSD) have entered into a long-term agreement to implement facility improvements and energy efficiency projects at all school district buildings. These facility upgrades are designed to increase energy efficiency, reduce long-term energy expenses, and help provide a comfortable and effective learning and working environment for the students and teachers of Muscogee County.

ESG developed and will implement a comprehensive $6.7 million energy and facility plan to retrofit existing lighting, heating, and cooling equipment at the schools and administration building. Once installed, these improvements are expected to reduce energy consumption and utility costs. By leveraging the energy and operational savings of this project, ESG is adding air conditioning systems to 10 existing school facilities to help improve the comfort and environment for students and staff while still reducing the school system's energy bills.

Mike Ellis, regional director for ESG's Atlanta office, stated, "We are pleased and honored to partner with the Muscogee County School District for such a comprehensive project. The improvements and upgrades to the school facilities will benefit the community for decades to come and will help to stretch budget dollars in the effort to educate the children of this community."

To further enhance this project, ESG will improve the existing HVAC control systems to enable the maintenance and operation staff to provide heating and cooling services as needed and without waste. Installation of digital control technology will coincide with other improvements and provides the operations staff with added flexibility to maximize budget dollars. In addition, ESG will install distributed electric generation resources to provide support and enhanced opportunities for electric supply.

"Our school system is faced with challenging budget choices every day and ESG has brought to us a strategy and action plan to improve our infrastructure and enhance our learning environment. And all of this is provided under guaranteed energy savings while we reduce our long-term energy consumption. This is an excellent method to stretch our existing capital budgets today and meet the needs of our students and teachers for tomorrow," said Del Parker, CPA, treasurer for the Muscogee County School District. "ESG has enabled the district to fast-track HVAC projects in the SPLOST program that would have been delayed for at least five years," Parker said.

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Publication date: 06/27/2005