CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico - To get bottom-line results from your employees, it is best to follow this formula: inspire them to perform, and then get out of the way. That's what speaker George Hedley emphasized during his "Profit-Driven Leadership" seminar during the Construction Contractors' Alliance (CCA) meeting here.

Hedley also advised CCA members to take these steps with employees:

  • Set clear expectations;

  • Provide recognition and praise;

  • Get employees to understand the big picture; and

  • Show them you care about them.

    A general contractor, Hedley also shared with CCA "Everything Subcontractors Need to Know about General Contractors and Builders." Hedley recommended subcontractors not be "wimps," and to be tough in all stages of the contractor-subcontractor relationship. "There are complex tugs and pulls to make a successful project so that we all win," he said. "Train your customers on how you want to do business."

    Communication and documentation between the parties also are important. "Do your paperwork," he said. "If it's not in writing, it didn't happen. When you don't document, you assume responsibility for everything."

    Also at the meeting, Steve Irwin presented a "Contractor Spotlight" on Farmer & Irwin, a mechanical contracting company based in Riviera Beach, Fla. Irwin, a second-generation owner, provided an inside look at the company, including its buy-sell agreement, office/field procedures, pre-fabrication shop, and sample construction projects. He also talked about how the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors-National Association (PHCC) and CCA contributed to the company's success.

    CCA, an enhanced service group of PHCC, serves larger plumbing-heating-cooling commercial and residential new construction contractors to address their specific needs. CCA's mission is to enhance the profitability and professionalism of the CCA members' businesses through education and networking opportunities.

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    Publication date: 03/14/2005