NEW YORK - New York officials have unveiled plans for the Freedom Tower - the centerpiece of new construction at the World Trade Center site - which include plans to incorporate wind turbines that will generate 20 percent of the building's electrical power needs.

The Freedom Tower will be the world's tallest building and will utilize state-of-the-art life safety systems, far exceeding New York City's building code requirements. In addition to structural redundancy and extra strong fireproofing, the building will include biological and chemical filters in the air supply system. Concrete-encased stair and elevator cores, extra-wide pressurized stairs, low-level emergency lighting, and concrete protection for all sprinklers and emergency risers will be provided in addition to interconnected redundant exits, additional stair exit locations at the street, and direct exit to the street from tower stairs.

Topping a 60-story base that will include office space and other amenities, a structure of tension cables will rise to 1,500 feet and will include the wind turbines.

Atop the open truss area will be a spire that will rise to 1,776 feet.

Groundbreaking for the tower is expected in mid-2004.

Publication date: 01/12/2004