ST. LOUIS - Emerson Climate Technologies, a business of Emerson, has announced a strategic partnership between its White-Rodgers division and Comverge Inc. As part of the partnership, a White-Rodgers programmable thermostat will be the primary thermostat used with Comverge's peak load management programs.

According to Comverge, its peak load management programs dynamically manage HVAC operation based on the requirements imposed by a utility. As a result, Comverge clients are capable of implementing intelligent energy load management solutions based on their specific needs without causing customer discomfort, says the company.

"Shifting electric loads off the peak periods makes good economic sense for ratepayers and all utilities whether municipally, investor, or co-operative owned," said Bud Vos, vice president of marketing for Comverge. "The White-Rodgers thermostat, combined with our communication and load control expertise, presents utilities with a compelling, environmentally-friendly, and economic alternative to expanding their energy capacity. Load management programs are increasingly becoming an integral part of many utilities' long-range integrated resource plans."

The White-Rodgers programmable digital thermostat features an integrated wireless communications module and can be used in commercial or residential applications. In the event of a severe peak load period, the utility is able to remotely contact the thermostat and direct it to cycle the home or building air conditioners, enabling the utility to avoid peak operating charges and potential brownouts with virtually no disruption to human comfort.

"We've had great success and formed great relationships within the HVAC industry, and we remain committed to advancing that industry through our innovative technologies and solutions," said Ron Miles, vice president of sales and marketing for White-Rodgers. "This partnership with Comverge allows us to expand the applications of our thermostat product offering and bring energy savings to the end user. We're excited to move forward with this opportunity."

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Publication date: 02/07/2005