WASHINGTON - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced that its Green Power Partnership has grown to include 500 partner organizations, collectively purchasing almost 2 billion kilowatt-hours each year of renewable electricity. The Green Power Partnership is a voluntary government-industry program, first launched in July 2001, working to mainstream the purchasing of green power electricity generated by renewable energy sources, including solar, wind, water (hydro), geothermal, biomass (combustion of organic materials), and biogas (combustion of naturally-produced methane).

To become a partner, organizations agree to switch to green power for a specified portion of their electricity needs within one year of joining the program. The partnership includes Fortune 500 companies, states, and federal agencies.

Also, EPA has honored 19 partners as Green Power Leadership Award winners at the 9th National Green Power Marketing Conference in Albany, N.Y. The winners were selected for the amount of green power they purchase and their outreach activities.

For more information on the Green Power Partnership Program, and a list of this year's award winners, visit www.epa.gov/greenpower/.

Publication date: 10/25/2004