ALEXANDRIA, VA — In response to growing concerns about indoor air quality (IAQ) and its effects on schools, the National Energy Management Institute (NEMI) has produced a multimedia CD-ROM to help inform and educate teachers, school administrators, lawmakers, media representatives, and anyone else concerned about the effects of poor IAQ.

The CD-ROM includes an introduction, statistics, common causes of poor IAQ, cost-cutting options, an IAQ calculator, and testimonials from school administrators, teachers, government officials, HVAC experts, and industrial hygienists.

"There is a great deal of misinformation floating around about indoor air quality," said Erik Emblem, executive director of NEMI. "We want parents, teachers, and school decision makers to be able to refer to substantiated information and testimony presented by their peers, both of which are contained in this CD-ROM."

According to NEMI, one of the key highlights of the CD-ROM is the "Cost vs. Gain" section, which illustrates the cost of making IAQ adjustments, from simple duct cleaning to complete retrofits, as well as demonstrating how those costs affect long-term budget expenses.

The free CD-ROM is available by calling 800-458-6525. For more information on NEMI, visit (website).

Publication date: 12/16/2002