HONOLULU - The city and county of Honolulu have been awarded the 2004 Energy Project of the Year by the Hawaiian Electric Co. for two energy efficiency initiatives undertaken with the help of Johnson Controls. The upgrades to Honolulu Hale City Hall and to traffic signals throughout Honolulu County are expected to save the area more than $440,000 per year in energy costs, and nearly $4 million over 15 years. The award was presented to Mayor Jeremy Harris as part of the 6th Biennial Energy Expo.

The improvements at Honolulu Hale City Hall increased the efficiency of cooling and lighting systems, and improved the work environment with additional cooling capacity, temperature control, and better lighting. As a result of the new equipment, there is an energy usage decrease of 39 percent, which is projected to save more than $125,000 per year over the 15-year span of the project.

Johnson Controls also updated about 400 traffic signal lights, using more energy efficient equipment throughout Honolulu County. This helped improve public safety, as well as increase municipal workers' productivity, through reduced maintenance and emergency calls. The result is a 45 percent reduction in overall energy usage, saving Honolulu more than $315,000 in energy costs every year throughout the seven-year duration of the contract, says the company.

"We are very happy to take part in such a rewarding energy savings contract with Honolulu," said Bryan Hefner, project manager at Johnson Controls. "Our goal is to help all of our customers increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs, and it is a special honor to have Honolulu receive the 2004 Energy Project of the Year."

Publication date: 01/17/2005