The BioCirc® Total Air Filtration system is designed to reduce airborne infectious diseases, mold spores, general particulates, odors, and gaseous contaminants. This commercial IAQ system combines ultraviolet, mechanical filtration, and gas-phase air purification technologies in a packaged unit. The gas-phase filtration chemically absorbs hazards such as aromatic hydrocarbons, ground-level ozone, and other gaseous contaminants and odors from the outdoor air supply or return air that escape mechanical filtration methods. Conventional or HEPA media filtration ranging from MERV 8 to 16 removes particulates down to 0.3 microns. The BioCirc combines UVC and UVV technologies to reduce organisms' reproductive capabilities and odor, respectively. The filtration system is available in several models: 350-3,000-cfm self-contained ductless units for single rooms up to 25,000 square feet; OEM or retrofitable units inside central air-handling equipment up to 100,000 cfm; and duct-mounted units.

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