The Microsteam® system recovers energy by reducing the inlet steam pressure through a high-efficiency, radial outflow steam turbine to drive an electric generator. Designed for commercial, industrial, institutional, and municipal applications, the system is easily installed in a building's high-pressure steam distribution system in parallel with existing pressure reducing valves. The components include a high-efficiency turbine; quiet, epicyclical speed reduction gear; and 460-V induction generator. At design conditions, the system takes 125 psig at 12,000 pounds per hour and expands it to 15 psig, while producing 275kW for use in the building's electric power grid. The unit is offered as a standalone product, but can also be packaged with the manufacturer's low-pressure absorption chillers and electrical variable-frequency drive chillers, to create an efficient hybrid plant and distributed generation option.

Carrier Commercial Service, Syracuse, NY;; New York, NY

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