The East Maine School District in northeastern Illinois underwent a district-wide building renovation project. Seven schools in the system completed building upgrades that included windows, lighting, and mechanical systems.

Exelon Solutions helped the district determine where improvements were needed for efficiency and reliability. McCauley Mechanical of Bridgeview, Ill., installed the equipment and provided additional engineering assistance.

Classroom cooling was one of the priorities of the recent upgrades. Three schools in the district received Trane Series Râ„¢ air-cooled helical rotary chillers, which are used to supply chilled water to the schools without air conditioning.

Old classroom unit ventilators were replaced with Trane units in order to meet current ASHRAE ventilation standards. Six Trane Precedent rooftop gas-electric units were also installed in office areas and gymnasiums. Trane makeup air handlers were installed for additional ventilation in six schools.

- compiled by J.J. Siegel

Publication date: 05/10/2004