RENO, Nev. - Manufacturers, educational institutions, and associations with close ties to the ammonia refrigeration industry had the chance to show their wares and talk shop with close to 1,000 attendees during extended exhibit hours at the most recent International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) Conference.

The following is a brief review of what was seen and discussed.

ABE ( told attendees that it is a Mexico City-based industrial refrigeration company that provides product management, consulting, training, parts, service, pressure vessel manufacturing, and system service startup.

AcuTech ( informed attendees that it is a product risk management-consulting group for chemical process and safety services.

Airfoil Impellers ( showed cooling tower replacement blades said to be shipped "in hours, not days."

Airgas Specialty Products ( displayed an anhydrous ammonia ‘cold-flo' sampler which produces a stream of liquid ammonia refrigerated at –28°F.

Alfa Laval ( showcased AlfaNova, billed as "the world's first 100 percent stainless steel fusion-brazed heat exchanger." It is said to have high-pressure performance of 650-psi design pressure.

Alliance Industrial Refrigeration Services, Walnut, Calif., featured a line of ammonia refrigeration compressor lubricants that combine low-temperature fluidity with low solubility.

Allied Separation Technology ( showcased replacement separator elements for compressors blowers, vacuum pumps, and refrigeration systems.

Ammonia Managers Association ( accepted members and displayed its online management tools, compliance software, training, and seminars.

The Ammonia Safety & Training Institute ( showed how it could provide training that meets or exceeds Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 1910.120q requirements.

Baltimore Air Coil ( had information on custom-engineered controls.

Bitzer ( displayed open drive screw compressors among other new products.

Bonar Engineering and Construction Co. ( offered statistical information concerning successful and safe ammonia installations.

Buffalo Pumps ( highlighted the C-O-M ‘R' refrigerant pump for ammonia, liquid CO2, and other refrigerants.

Camco (www.camcolubricants. com) discussed its line of ammonia refrigeration oils.

Carter-Burgess ( explained how it can plan, design, and implement refrigeration technology for the food and beverage industry.

CavCom ( featured radio communication options that allow communication without compromising facemask seals.

Century Refrigeration ( said, "We build all kinds of cool stuff," and included in that list condensing units, unit coolers, product coolers and blast freezers.

Chem-Aqua ( offered what it called a solid product solution treatment technology in which the feed equipment is wall-mounted and tied directly into the existing feed/control loops.

Chester-Jensen Co. ( showed instant chilled-water units that enable chilling of water to 33 or 34°. without freeze up.

Cimco Refrigeration ( displayed preassembled refrigeration plants. Applications include fluid cooling systems, spiral freezers, holding coolers and freezers, refrigeration production areas, and ice machines.

Clearwater Signals ( featured chemical-free, pulsed power water treatment technology.

Colmac Coil ( offered information on its bimetallic coupler designed to replace dielectric flange union kits when joining aluminum evaporators to steel piping.

Concepts & Designs ( featured the FDH dehumidification series for food processing, freezers, cold storage, and loading docks.

Cool Air Inc. ( had a range of products including the Model LBW-420 ammonia leak detector and smoke detector. The product is said to integrate with common industry alarm systems.

Cornell Pump ( featured a refrigerant pump in which two mechanical seals are mounted back-to-back to prevent the escape of refrigerant from the pump casing.

Currey Controls Co. ( informed attendees that it is a turnkey refrigeration control system provider.

Cyrus Shank ( displayed relief valves, three-way valves, shut-off valves, and control valves.

Danfoss ( showed the ICF complete valve station that is said to be jobsite ready. It consists of a valve station with up to six functions, and 3/4 inch to 1 inch ports that come fully assembled for installation at the jobsite with just two welds.

Delta Tee International ( featured its services related to heat exchangers and pressure vessels.

Dow ( had Styrofoam extruded polystyrene pipe insulation said to offer one of the highest moisture resistances of any insulation.

Draeger Safety ( provided information on "ammonia gas detection solutions" in such areas as vent lines, blast freezers, and mechanical rooms.

Eurammon (, a joint initiative of European companies' exhibit, highlighted its efforts to promote natural refrigerants.

Extol of Ohio ( provided information on its fabricated insulation products such as vapor barrier/weather barrier jacketing, and closed cellular insulations.

Evapco ( showcased its Pulse-Pureâ„¢, a water treatment that utilizes pulsed-power technology to provide chemical-free treatment with no harmful byproducts, according to the company.

FabricAir ( described its dispersion systems that employ woven material to deliver conditioned air to a variety of applications.

FES Systems (www.fessystems. com) displayed an ammonia dryer for portable and permanent installation at its booth. The product is said to eliminate infiltrated water while the system is in operation.

Flat Plate ( featured brazed plate heat exchangers with what was said to be high heat transfer coefficients.

The Frick ( displayed the ACUair hygienic air-handling unit that is designed to deal with critical control points such as temperature, humidity, air filtration, condensation and pressurization.

Garden City Ammonia Program ( announced its series of four-day training seminars at its school in Garden City, Kan.

Garden City Community College ( offered training for ammonia refrigeration operators.

GFG Instrumentation's (www. slogan, "The New Cool," highlighted the CI 21 ammonia detector with a broad temperature range and low cross sensitivity, according to the company.

Guntner ( offered floating coils that are suspended by stainless steel support rods to prevent the touching or rubbing against another material.

Hansen ( featured the Auto-Purger Plus, an automatic, electronically controlled noncondensable gas (air) and water purger for reducing the energy cost of operating an ammonia system.

H.A. Phillips & Co. ( showed an anhydrator, a system cleaner that the company said "boasts lower installation cost, self-regulating operation, short payback time, energy-neutral operation, and low maintenance."

Hasegawa ( featured reciprocating and screw compressors, including a range of models for industrial applications.

Hench Control ( offered modular control systems for compressors, condensers, evaporators, boosters, and blast freezers.

Hermetic ( displayed hermetically sealed centrifugal pumps for refrigeration applications.

Hill Brothers Chemical Co. ( informed attendees that it is a supplier of anhydrous and aqua ammonia for a variety of sites.

Honeywell ( showed its various industrial refrigeration applications including the Zareba fixed gas detection system.

Howden ( highlighted twin rotary screw compressors with the rotors machined from solid bar and forgings.

Howe ( featured an ammonia recovery/pump out system said to simplify compliance with OSHA and environmental regulations on ammonia recovery.

Industrial Construction & Engineering ( offered mechanical insulation, electric heat trace, and pipe labeling among its services.

Industrial Consultants ( informed attendees that it provides compliance assistance.

Industrial Service and Fabricators ( reported that it fabricates complete recirculator/pump assemblies in all types of configurations.

Ingersoll Rand ( offered what it called Industrial refrigeration solutions including expanded polystyrene continuous length, insulated thermal panels for exterior buildings and indoor coolers and freezers.

Innovative Refrigeration Systems ( showcased its range of design-build services including process safety management, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Insul-Therm International ( featured its insulation and accessories for pipe systems and equipment, cold storage, refinery pipe and equipment, geothermal, and cryogenics.

Integrated Circuit Systems ( showed its technology for industrial refrigeration including rotating demand control, defrost control, and process control.

Isotherm ( displayed titanium chillers and condensers.

Jaytech ( had information on solid concentrates for water treatment, including why it should be used and typical installations.

J&E Hall ( described a range of compressor technologies including single screws that use a low-friction composite material, HallPlas in the compression process for higher efficiencies and reliability, the company said.

The Krack ( ECP evaporative condenser displayed, provides a heat of rejection method for large refrigeration systems by combining water delivery and coil technology, said the company.

Kathabar Systems ( had desiccant dehumidification systems for economical humidity and temperature control.

Lanier Technical College ( announced it had classes for operators, refresher courses, and HazMat training among others, with course offerings in both English and Spanish.

Logic Technologies ( offered computer controls and automatic technologies.

Logix (, maker of energy management technology for industrial refrigeration, displayed real-time animation of graphics.

M&M Refrigeration ( featured several technologies including the GDS-8 gas detection system that supports up to eight sensors per gas detection system.

Manning Systems ( showed the AirAlertâ„¢ 96d, a multichannel gas monitoring system for control of toxic gases, combustion gases, and oxygen hazards.

Marking Services Inc. ( featured pipe and value identification markers. McCormick Coil showed the CF Series product cooler with a design to minimize entrapment of airborne debris and large access panels for service.

McCrory Controls Inc. ( showcased energy savings by using floating heat pressure control.

Morris & Associates ( had a range of individual icemakers made of stainless steel.

MSA ( displayed gas-monitoring technology with its Chillgard monitors.

MTH Pumps ( had canned sealless centrifugal pumps. The shaft is located completely inside the pump. There are no mechanical shaft seals that can degrade and leak during operation.

Mueller ( showed its Acu-Therm® semi-welded plate heat exchangers. The plate pack is built using two plates welded together so that the refrigerant side is contained within the welded portion of the cassette.

Multi-Wing ( featured a variety of fan blades such as high-efficiency airfoil, low-noise sickle blade, low speed broad paddle, and high performance increasing arc.

Munters ( showed dehumidification units and systems which were noted to be used in 20 major industries that have products in more than 150 applications.

Mycom ( displayed its Thermo Jack freezer that has what the company called enhanced freezing capabilities allowing for the controlling of air velocity through spaced slits.

Nomaco ( showed K-Flexâ„¢ thermal insulation products.

Northstar ( featured rectangular ice rake systems for operations that require large storage capacity.

Orca Technologies ( had an automatic ball valve that the company said produces more than five times the flow rate per connection size of conventional solenoid valves.

Parker's ( Model 40 multipoint indicator/alarm monitor and the S4A-SC offered a slow closing solenoid valve that uses a specially designed piston assembly with a seal ring.

Petrochem ( presented itself as a nationwide insulation and specialty contractor for industrial and commercial applications.

Phoenix Air Systems ( had ventilation and refrigeration equipment for critical process systems.

Polyguard ( offered self-adhesive weather and vapor barrier membranes and corrosion control coatings.

RAE ( featured DX coils, hot water coils, chilled-water coils, steam coils, condenser coils and booster coils.

RAM Industries ( showed motor control panels that are specifically designed for the operation of cooling towers.

Randall Manufacturing (www. showed warehouse temperature control products such as insulated curtain walls, industrial curtains, strip doors, ice cream bags, insulated boxes, insulated pallet covers, and freezer boxes.

RDM Technologies ( said it was a source for ammonia refrigeration preventive maintenance services as well as a range of industrial refrigeration aspects such as turnkey systems, custom packages, and training programs.

Reinz ( showed the VR® 90 composite gasket material for industrial plants, refrigeration and air compressors, and threaded couplings. The product is said to have sealing and strength characteristics plus high chemical resistance, according to the company.

The Refrigeration Engineers Technicians Association ( announced its training programs and its annual conference and heavy equipment show Oct. 4-6 in Arlington, Texas.

RSC ( had The ‘Cold Facts' on hand. The publication included a discussion of re-insulating and installing cold pipe systems.

Stahlman Group ( told how it is an engineering and construction management firm in the food, beverage, and consumer products industry.

The Stellar Group ( informed attendees that it could provide architecture, engineering, construction, and refrigeration services to industrial, commercial, and institutional markets.

Tanner Industries ( had anhydrous ammonia and aqua ammonia supplied by tank cars and tank trucks as well as cylinders and drums.

Teikoku ( showed what it billed as the ‘ultimate ammonia pump' with a precision electric bearing monitor and stainless steel construction.

Toromont Energy Systems ( told about its customized systems ranging from 10 to 10,000 tons of refrigeration capacity that can use a variety of refrigerants and operate as low as –150°.

Tracer ( stressed assistance in environmental management in areas such as emissions inventory, permitting and compliance, remediation services, risk and safety, ambient air monitoring, and counterterrorism support.

Tranter ( drew attention to Supermax®, a shell and plate heat exchanger designed for pressures to 1,015 psig and at temperatures up to 1,000°F for standard-range units.

Vahterus ( featured plate and shell heat fully welded heat exchangers for refrigeration.

Vilter ( showcased its single screw compressor that the company said could work in a range of process applications. It also featured Cool Compressionâ„¢ technology that offers screw technology in small packages.

Vogt Ice ( displayed its line of Turbo Refrigerating®, large capacity ice generating systems which produce fragmented or nugget type ice.

VRTX ( showed its chemical-free treatment system that is said to remove solids and gases from water. The company pointed out that the technology is not "magnets, electrical fields or sound waves."

Witt ( highlighted refrigerant pumps designed to deliver primary refrigerant liquids at their boiling point.

Publication date: 05/01/2006