KALAMAZOO, Mich. — A new company, with hopes to become the first national independent distributor of air filtration products, has been launched here by two filter industry veterans.

Called EXFil (to connote “Excellence in Filtration”), the company has been founded by Dale A. Posthumus as an outgrowth and expansion of Air Filter & Equipment (Kalamazoo), a distributorship he formed a decade ago.

Posthumus will be ceo of the new company, and Todd T. McKinney will serve as president. Air Filter & Equipment will now operate under the EXFil banner.

“Our strategy is to enter selected markets — sometimes with a startup operation, but preferably by partnering with existing businesses that can benefit from our proven ‘model,’” said McKinney.

“We offer an alternative to distributors who want to stay in the industry, but no longer wish to manage all aspects of the business. What makes EXFil unique is that all employees will become owners of the company through an innovative shareholder stock distribution plan.”

For further information, contact EXFil, 3607 Gembrit Circle, Kalamazoo, Mich. 49003-3397; 800-548-4137; 616-342-6122 (fax).