Ultraprobe® instrument accessories designed for condition monitoring in difficult to access areas are available. Remote Access Sensor (RAS) includes a sensing transducer, which is permanently mounted on a test subject such as a pump, motor, bearing, or valve housing. It is connected to a cable, which can be inserted through a test port and attached to an Ultraprobe to data log and/or record sound samples for analysis. Another remote sensor, the RAS-MT, is a magnetically mounted transducer assembly with cable, included with the Ultraprobe 10,000 and available as an optional accessory for the 9000. The Ultra-Trak 750™ sensor measures ultrasonic amplitude changes on a continuous basis, thereby providing early warning of mechanical failure, valve leakage, or flow disruption. It is connected via cable with 4-20 mA 0-10 vdc and heterodyned outputs to remotely record or data log equipment for passively monitoring ultrasound.

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