The VSA-1212 is a PDA-based vibration spectrum analyzer that uses off-the-shelf ICP®-type piezoelectric accelerometers for machine condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and routine troubleshooting. The system includes the analyzer module, which attaches securely to select PDAs running Palm OS; software that collects vibration measurements and displays them in time waveforms and FFT spectra, complete with alarm levels; and Datastick Reporting System™ (DRS) software, which receives the data from the handheld unit into a VSA Microsoft® Excel workbook on the PC. Measurement data is collected, viewed, analyzed, and stored on the PDA and then exported to a desktop PC for viewing, further analysis, trending, reporting, storage, and publishing. Reloadable configurations allow changing input and display parameters instantly and permit every inspection point to be named as an individual configuration.

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