The 5100-02-IT catalytic bead combustible gas sensor module provides communications via RS-485 Modbus RTU, a 4-20 mA optically isolated output, or an SMC Sentry bus, thus meeting the installation needs of the user. Factory Mutual approves the module for performance, electrical safety, and environment parameters. This standalone module features 180-day calibration interval; integral LED display magnet-operated menu for display of gas status and easy, nonintrusive calibration; and integral alarm relays that may be supplemented by higher amperage control relays in the same enclosure. The remote sensor option and remote alarm reset enables the 5100-02-IT to meet typical application requirements. Internal, continuous self-diagnostics automatically detect and alarm any fault problem. The output range is 0 percent to 100 percent of lower explosive limit (LEL).

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eProduct 185