“Spot heating” isn’t as often referred to as “spot cooling,” but still has many applications.

Enerco’s Model 200N natural gas and 120L (LP gas) portable salamander heaters are being used in new ways by various builders and natural gas companies on new construction sites.

The heaters produce 125,000 Btuh (200N) or 120,000 Btuh (120L) of radiant heat, the same amount emitted by a natural gas furnace in a standard-size home.

Natural gas companies are setting meters for builders to hook up the Model 200N to the home’s natural gas line during construction. This keeps construction crews warm and also helps dry paint and drywall, or to thaw dirt before basement floor concrete is poured.

The clean-burning natural gas is convenient and eliminates the need to haul propane tanks to the jobsite, or deal with kerosene units. The need for temporary portable heat is in demand, as most manufacturers will void their warranties if the furnace is used during the construction phase of a home.

Muller Custom Homes in La Jolla, Calif., and Ryan Homes in Cleveland are among the American builders who are currently using the Model 200N to provide clean, safe, and affordable heat during a home’s construction phase.

More recently, Canadian builders have been more aggressive in using these heaters on their construction sites. Citizens Gas in Indiana, Indiana Natural Gas, Consumers Gas in Canada, and Ohio’s Columbia Gas, among other natural gas companies, are recommending the heaters during construction and are reporting great results.

One gas company that has been involved with portable heaters for a number of years claims that building is at such an all-time high that they are having a hard time setting meters for new homes, let alone setting the meter during the construction phase. In this case, the Model 120L propane heater is a viable answer for temporary heat.

The company also offers a 30,000-Btuh heater (Model 6100) and a 60,000-Btuh heater (Model 6300). The Enerco heaters can be purchased through a local hvac wholesale-distributor, the company says.

For more information, contact Enerco, P.O. Box 6660, Cleveland, Ohio 44101-1660; 800-251-0001; 800-321-0552 (fax).