The brochureOriginal Equipment Manufacturer Control Solutionsexplains that the company delivers control suites, including JENEsysâ„¢, to manufacturers of building-related equipment, including HVACR, humidification/dehumidifaction, and other mechanical equipment. A description of how the manufacturer can work with the OEM's engineers on unique, segmented, and password-protected security measures appears in the brochure. In addition, the literature lists the various value-added ways in which the manufacturer offers OEMs - custom program development, dynamic tools, value engineering, channel support, and end-of-line and field testing. An assortment of the company's support services also is described.

Lynxspring Inc., 8900 State Line Rd., Ste. 150, Leawood, KS 66206; 913-649-5969 or 877-649-5969; 913-649-5968 (fax);

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