[Editor's note: This article is a follow up to "Training Modules Are Key to Success" in the June 12 issue. Technical problems prevented this information from being included in the article.The NEWSapologizes for this omission.]

The Nexstar® network is a group comprised of independent HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractors. It is member owned and member governed. The group, based in White Bear Lake, Minn., strives to give its members the most up-to-date training necessary to succeed in their respective trades.


The Nexstar Service System is at the core of all Nexstar educational programs and systems. This system is designed to assist service technicians in delivering customer centered service. The system includes: a self-study program available in hard copy or online via The Vaultâ„¢ - Nexstars' online resource center; a three day classroom retreat; post course followup and self-assessment tools; and technician certification.

What makes the Nexstar Service System so successful is its focus on customers and their needs. Service technicians find relief in the system. By performing the system they no longer feel they are selling. They feel great about the opportunity to help customers uncover services and solutions that will ultimately make their lives easier and better. Technicians begin to see the tremendous value they bring to their customers, and they gain an immense amount of self worth.

The results technicians and companies are realizing through the Service System are remarkable. After completing the three-day retreat one business owner reported, "Our first call on Monday went from a leak to a $10,000 job. We've been closing over 90 percent all week. That's never happened before. This thing has turned my company around. The complaints are down and the numbers are up. I can see the bank account growing. I'm elated with the results."

Nexstar offers this three day retreat 10-12 times yearly in multiple locations all across the United States and Canada, always to a sold out house.

Nexstar class participants work together utilizing the latest technology to improve their business operations.


Nexstar Service Management School is a four-day program designed to help residential service companies build the ultimate service department. This school is all about implementing the systems and processes that take the guesswork out of managing a residential service department.

Attendees learn fundamentals of all areas of service management including: supervisory skills, tracking key performance indicators, training, goal setting, coaching, recruiting, hiring, dispatch, and retaining valued employees.

During the four-day course, Nexstar member trainers facilitate hands-on skill practice and simulation events. Students spend valuable time designing and implementing their own systems. They go home with not only plans for implementation, but with the process already underway. By using the tools provided, students can avoid having to create systems from scratch, they can simply adapt and apply the Nexstar systems into their own organization.

One recent graduate of the Nexstar Service Management School said, "This course gave me a better understanding of how management works and also a feeling of confidence and desire that I did not have before. I now have a clear and concise direction to go with viable, attainable goals that I am confident I can achieve."


The Nexstar HVAC Sales Systemâ„¢ provides comfort consultants a proven system for guiding homeowners through the process of buying replacement equipment.

This program includes a self study element that introduces comfort consultants to key behaviors and tools that, when followed, provide immediate and profitable results. This Fast Trackâ„¢ guide prepares comfort consultants for the three-day participant centered workshop that takes them on an in-depth journey through the entire buying process.

This is not a selling system; it is a buying system that was designed through research into the buying patterns of homeowners. Students learn to focus on the lifestyle needs of the customer and to provide solutions to improve their lives.

The HVAC Sales System™ is designed to work along with the Nexstar Service System®. This total integration allows for a common language within the service company, uniformed branding to the customer, and a seamless process for lead generation from technicians.

Like the Nexstar Service System and Service Management School, an essential element in this training is the hands-on direction and facilitation of the system by Nexstar member trainers. These business owners and managers run their own successful service companies and practice this system everyday. They are people who have been there and done that. They know how to make it work and how to effectively teach others.

Nexstar member trainers go through a rigorous training program and receive ongoing continuing education to ensure they are well versed and certified to deliver effective adult education.

Publication date: 07/10/2006