One of the benefits of membership with Clean Indoor Air, Inc., is the opportunity to buy branded and specialty accessories designed for improving indoor air quality.

“These accessory products are among the very best on the market,” said Rebecca West. “They range in price from budget-conscious buyers, to buyers who need the products for medical needs.”

The accessories are an integral part of the training at Clean Indoor Air’s Toledo facility, where students have a chance to compare these products to ones already on the market.

“All of our products come in different sizes to adapt to any size house, ductwork, etc.,” said West.

Some of the most prominent products in their line include:

  • OxyPure®, a duct-mounted corona discharge air purifier said to reduce mold, fungus, and airborne contaminants such as tobacco smoke, gases, and toxic agents such as formaldehyde, xylene, and other hydrocarbons;
  • Quantum 254®, a duct-mounted germicidal UV radiant biocide chamber; the product circulates air around a high-intensity UV lamp to eliminate airborne pathogens as they pass through ductwork;
  • MicroPower Guard II®, a low-voltage electrostatic air purifier designed to reduce the number of particles as small as dust and tobacco smoke in recirculating air;
  • Oxy Quantum®, a duct-mounted, integrated dual-wavelength system that combines germicidal UV light with the oxidization process;
  • ElectroGuard®, an electrostatic air cleaner said to be more efficient than the typical filter; it has a lifetime guarantee;
  • MicroGuardian Air Scrubber®, an in-line HEPA design filter for particles and microorganisms as small as 0.5 microns; and
  • The Filter Booster®, a duct-mounted filter “enhancer”; the product is installed before the filter and “boosts” the filter’s efficiency up to 60% to capture more particles, the company said.