NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A new entry on the scene of contractor-consolidation is Indoor Comfort Group (ICG), which has already acquired three hvac contractors in middle Tennessee.

They are Cumberland Comfort Air, Kimbro Electric, and Clouse Air Conditioning.

The company is also negotiating with contractors representing more than $125 million in revenues, said Charles Diltz, chief operating officer. ICG’s equity sponsor is Trivest, Inc., a Miami-based private investment firm.

ICG said it will specialize in replacement and repair of residential and nonresidential heating and air conditioning systems, said Diltz, a former senior executive with York International Corp.

The new firm, which calls itself the “contractor’s consolidator,” will tap into a Partner Advisory Team, ensuring a “best practices” methodology for problem-solving, Diltz said.

“Ultimately, our intention is to liquefy the stock, with one option being to take the business public,” he said. This would occur once the company has developed “a successful track record.”

Other executives of ICG are Howard W. Lipman, chief executive officer, and John A. Shemancik, executive vice president and chief financial officer.

Further information is available from the company at Vanderbilt Plaza, Suite 750, 2100 Westend Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 37203; 615-327-0891; 615-327-4909 (fax).