Remediation of mold was a large part of this project.

NEW ORLEANS - Munters Moisture Control Services (MCS) played a key role in recovery efforts at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans after the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. Superdome officials turned to MCS, one of the country's largest water damage recovery companies, to stabilize the 270,000-square-foot venue to prevent further water damage, remediate mold, dry flooded areas, and remove damaged materials.

The facility, home to the National Football League (NFL) New Orleans Saints and college football teams, was heavily damaged by high winds that breached parts of the building's roof and suffered interior damage from the thousands of New Orleans residents who sought shelter there after the hurricane. Twenty-five MCS personnel and a temporary work force of nearly 250 laborers from the New Orleans/Louisiana area were utilized to complete the immense 45-day project.

"Our role was to stabilize the environment and to initiate the recovery process," said Brad Key, Superdome project manager and national business development manager for MCS. "We were one of the first catastrophe companies to get the facility moving on the path toward recovery.

"Remediation of mold was a large portion of our job," noted Key. "Many areas of the facility remained wet for quite some time before we were granted access, and as a result, over 1 million square feet of drywall and ceiling was exposed to mold growth."

MCS also was asked to ventilate the dome to meet a certain number of air exchanges per day. This task was substantial because the structure encompasses 125 million cubic feet. To meet the requirement, MCS installed equipment capable of exchanging 160,000 cubic feet of air per minute.

Other project work included:

  • Removing the playing turf.

  • Removing all carpet from the building.

  • Removing all biohazard waste including meat in refrigerators, freezers, and concessions and fecal matter from sewer system flooding.

  • Isolating and stabilizing 32 mechanical and electrical rooms in the building and maintaining proper ambient conditions in the rooms with use of desiccant dehumidification.

  • Removing contaminated HVAC filter banks and the filters themselves.

  • Evacuating 3.8 million gallons of water from the parking garage.

    "We are honored to have played a significant role in the recovery of this grand facility," Key said.

    The NFL recently announced that the Superdome will reopen for football in the fall. The New Orleans Saints will play the Atlanta Falcons on Sept. 24, the first event scheduled for the facility.

    MCS' global division provides industrial dehumidification and building restoration services after water and fire damages throughout the world. More information on Munters can be found at

    Publication date: 03/13/2006