The headline simply reads: "Catch 22." The top of a refrigerant cylinder is pictured below the headline. Consultant Grochmal put two and two together almost immediately. "It was the ad that caught my eye with the great ‘Catch 22' title," he said. "I am a great fan of the book and found the ad to be instantly recognizable and memorable."

The ad in question is the full-page Honeywell Genetron advertisement on page 33 of the April 18 issue.

"Within a few years, more new commercial and residential air conditioners will be charged with R-410A than with R-22," states the ad. "Commercial Green Building standards that promote HVAC systems with nonozone depleting refrigerants are becoming more prevalent. Homebuilders are specifying R-410A for their new projects."

And, here's the punch line: "Consumers are more informed than ever about the R-22 phase-out. It's time you started offering Honeywell Genetron AZ-20® R-410A options to your customers. After all, sometimes change is a good thing."

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Publication date: 12/12/2005