DALLAS, TX — In an agreement formed between the companies, Virginia KMP Corp. and Tecumseh Products Co., Cool Products Division, will combine forces to utilize each other’s strengths and knowledge — acquired during a combined 150 years of service to the hvacr industry.

Tecumseh will use Virginia KMP’s established network of representatives to expand customer support to its authorized wholesalers and select oem accounts throughout the U.S. The company will also distribute, under its new “Choice One” label, a substantial portion of the Virginia KMP Product line.

The announcement was made at a recent sales meeting hosted by Virginia KMP. The two companies are calling it their “new direction for the new millenium.”

“This continues what we’ve been doing already — broadening our product line and customer base,” says Jim Rutz, director of aftermarket at Tecumseh.

The agreement will be effective January 1, 2000. During the intervening months, Virginia KMP representatives will go through extensive training at Tecumseh’s facility in Clinton, MI, and at its Dallas location.

Tecumseh spent several months brainstorming ideas and listening to customers to find out what they really needed to grow their businesses. From this, the company has developed a strategy to grow its customers’ businesses, according to Brian Dillon, vice president of sales and marketing at Tecumseh. He said this agreement with Virginia KMP is one step in that process.

“In the future, we are going to be continually increasing products and services we offer,” says Dillon. “Our goal is to bring more and more value through services and products to our customers.”

Virginia KMP will also benefit from the agreement.

“We will be offering our products to Tecumseh, which will mean an increase in sales,” says John Bridges, vice president of sales at Virginia KMP.