PHOENIX - Contractor consultant Al Levi's Appleseed Business Inc. has released a group of new business improvement tools for use by contracting business owners. Called Power!Plansâ„¢, each of the four sets has been developed to address a critical area of the contracting business and provide information, systems, and forms which an owner can use to master the challenges of that particular aspect of his/her business.

Leadership Power! addresses the critical issues of ownership and management. Operating Power! deals with improving the day-to-day operations of a contracting business. Staffing Power! is designed to teach owners how to turn personnel problems into opportunities. And Sales Power! helps make techs, and everyone in the business, positive contributors to the bottom line. Each Power!Plan consists of a CD audio intro by Levi, a workbook, and a CD with Microsoft® Word-templates for the various forms and documents needed to support implementation of the suggested management techniques and systems.

"My trade magazine articles, my appearances and seminars at industry events, and my one-on-one, in-shop consultations have allowed me to reach only a small percentage of the great number of contractors who really need help in making their businesses less stressful and more successful," Levi said. "Now, in effect, any contractor can have Al Levi in a box, ready to take off the shelf and use at his own pace to make substantive improvements in his business operations and personal satisfaction."

The four Power!Plans are available either individually, at $395 each, or as a complete set for $1,185. For more information, to read comments from Power!Plan users, or to order, visit

Publication date: 04/24/2006