The CM12 ceiling-mounted packaged air conditioner can be used for spot cooling server, telecom, and equipment rooms. The unit delivers 10,500 Btuh of cooling. It can be controlled by most off-the-shelf thermostats and connected to the building control system. The unit has an operating range of 60° to 95°F on the evaporator and 60° to 113° on the condenser. Built-in 10-inch supply and return air flanges with 2.7-inch flange depth enables easy duct installation, improved air circulation, and more efficient cooling. Warning signals and audible alarms for condensation overflow and unscheduled shutdown are built-in and can be wired to a central location. A standard internal pump is included. The packaged air conditioner has built-in mounting brackets designed for off-the-shelf mounting hardware, as well as an automatic safety shutoff from a common fire alarm control panel.

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