DENVER - The Radiant Panel Association (RPA) welcomed featured speaker Scott Friedman to its RadFest West meeting and Friedman didn't disappoint his audience - he left them laughing.

Friedman, a speaker who engages his audience with humorous stories and quips, told the attendees that it is "OK to have some personal growth every couple of years." He added that everyone needs to develop and cultivate a sense of humor.

"Unfortunately, we have opportunities to lose our sense of humor every day," Friedman noted.

He said that everyone needs a "GPS" system - "gotta play some."

Having a playful or fun attitude is a good way to attract people, according to Friedman. He said there is always a connection to people who are fun. He suggested making the best out of every life situation.

"Life can be bitter or life can be better," Friedman said. "Things are not always going to work out as you plan them. You have to make the decision if you are going to be determined or discouraged."

According to Friedman, everyone has the ability to choose his or her own attitude. "There was a study that showed the most successful CEOs did not have big egos and expressed some form of humility," Friedman said. "People with humility can make fun of themselves, and they are the ones that other people are drawn to."

Friedman is the author of several books, including Punchlines, Pitfalls, and Powerful Programs. For more information, visit his Web site,

Publication date: 06/13/2005