The WhisperDriveâ„¢ System has been added to Coleman 13-SEER Echelonâ„¢ Series air conditioners and heat pumps and is available on 15-SEER units. The WhisperDrive System uses a swept-wing fan design, an isolated compressor compartment, composition base pan, and high-efficiency scroll compressor technology to provide quiet, energy-efficient operation that delivers precise temperature and humidity control, the company states. This new technology contributes to sound power levels as low as 65 dB, says the manufacturer. The 13-SEER units have a full end, full service access panel with a handle, which provides installers and service technicians with easy access to internal components. The demand-defrost board features service analyzer capabilities, integrated control, fault code retention, hot heat pump and fossil fuel jumpers, high- and low-pressure switch connections and pipe freeze protection timer. Features include an isolated compressor compartment, easy-access side discharge service valves, and an adjustable knockout plate for electrical whips.

York UPG, Attn: Mickey Smith, Coleman Brand Marketing Manager, 5005 York Dr., Norman, OK 73069;\echelon

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