The AC71 is a clamp-style digital multimeter (DMM). The DMM's AutoTectâ„¢ feature automatically senses what type of measurement is being made when test leads are placed across a measurement point. With no knob to turn, the meter automatically senses what is being tested and displays the measured value along with the associated unit icon. It also employs a low input impedance to help determine if voltage is leaking (ghost voltage) or if there is a hard connection. Any possible ghost voltage will be eliminated by the lower input impedance. An automatic backlight sensor recognizes when ambient light is insufficient and turns on a bright blue backlight for easy viewing of the digital display. With one-button control, the DMM measures AC current to 600 A, AC volts to 750 V, and DC volts to 1,000 V. In addition to the resistance and continuity beeper, the meter features data hold.

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