The Rheem-Ruud tankless gas water heater has been designed for high-volume commercial applications, such as restaurants, hotels, schools, laundromats, and multifamily housing. The water heater delivers hot water at various precise temperature set points up to 180 degrees F. Up to 20 of these units can be connected in a manifold-type configuration to handle larger applications. A manifold controller governs the entire bank of water heaters. The unit is available in indoor and outdoor models for use with natural or LP gas. With an input range of 19,000 to 199,900 Btuh, these fully modulated water heaters maintain a thermal efficiency rating of over 80 percent. Flow rates range from 3.3 gallons per minute at a 100 degree rise to 7.4 gallons per minute at a 45 degree rise. A film wrap detects heat exchanger overheating and shuts down the unit if it identifies an unsafe temperature. Features include an electric freeze-protection heater; oxygen depletion sensor; and a self-diagnostic program, which displays maintenance and error codes for each water heater on the remote control.

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