The Xtreme™ commercial gas water heater offers a thermal efficiency of 80 percent, the company states; it can generate up to 756 gallons of 160 degree F water in one hour, based on an inlet water temperature of 60 degrees. The water heaters can be manifolded together to boost gas and hot-water capacity, while providing redundancy for those applications that cannot afford to be without hot water for even a short amount of time, states the manufacturer. It has a 30-inch jacket diameter and a tank height of less than 75 inches. Features include inlet/outlet water connections on the front side and the rear side of the unit, gas control system with an adjustable thermostat with settings from 100 degrees to 180 degrees , and a semi-sealed combustion design. Clearance to combustibles is 4 inches along the sides and rear of the unit and 12 inches at the top.

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