Peter Baddeley demonstrates the evaporative cooler’s remote control.
ORLANDO, Fla. - Seeley International (Americas) announced the Breezair Elite EXâ„¢ evaporative cooler for residential use. The unit is a whole-house cooler that offers as standard equipment a handheld remote control, automatic drain system, and water manager.

"Airflow can be adjusted from any room in the home by using the remote control," said Peter Baddeley, vice president. The automatic drain system empties the water tank when the cooler is not in use. The water manager detects impurities in the water and replaces it with clean water, maximizing performance, noted Baddeley.

The unit is made with a polymer cabinet and polymer components, providing the ability to handle temperature extremes without fading, chipping, cracking, or corroding, added Baddeley. The cabinet is offered with a 25 year warranty, with internal parts covered for 10 years.