TORONTO - CSA International, a leading provider of product testing and certification services, and the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating (CIPH) have announced a strategic alliance to help combat the manufacturing, proliferation, and sale of counterfeit plumbing and heating products bearing false CSA International certification marks.

"Only legitimate products that have been tested to the applicable standards for safety and performance are eligible to bear a CSA International certification mark," said RJ Falconi, vice president, general counsel, and corporate secretary, CSA Group. "If a counterfeit heating or plumbing product finds its way into a home or facility, it may present a significant risk of property damage, injury, or death. This strategic alliance with CIPH will strengthen CSA International's network of organizations committed to helping identify these types of potentially dangerous items and prosecuting those responsible for their production."

CSA International has a "zero tolerance" policy toward counterfeit products marked with illegal CSA certification marks or other CSA registered trademarks. It will work closely with CIPH to generate awareness of counterfeiting issues among CIPH members, including manufacturers, wholesaler distributors, master distributors, manufacturers' agents, and allied companies who manufacture and distribute plumbing, hydronic heating, industrial, waterworks, and other mechanical products. CSA International and CIPH will also collaborate to jointly develop a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting program designed to protect legitimate products and trademarks from illegal counterfeiting in Canada.

"With the increasing widespread use of counterfeit marks undermining the entire North American system of codes and standards, testing and certification, the CIPH board is delighted to form this alliance with CSA International in order to protect the interests of our members including regulators, inspectors, and ultimately protecting the health and safety of consumers," says Ralph Suppa, president and general manager, CIPH.

CSA International works closely with regulators, government, law enforcement, and stakeholders to identify and stop the proliferation of counterfeit products bearing false CSA certification marks. CSA International's anti-counterfeiting initiatives include training programs to assist retailers in understanding product approval marks and detecting counterfeit marks, publication of a white paper on counterfeiting, enhanced marketplace surveillance of various commercial outlets, and working closely on investigations with regulatory and legal authorities.

Another key element to CSA International's global anti-counterfeiting program has been to forge alliances with stakeholders, including industry groups such as CIPH, governments, and law firms so that all may benefit from each representative's expertise and experience. In addition to counterfeit plumbing products, CSA International's Audits and Investigations Team has identified dangerous counterfeit products such as faulty circuit breakers, computer power supply units, safety footwear, holiday lights, and even gas ranges.

To report a suspected counterfeit product or for more information about identifying counterfeit products, visit or call 416-747-4278.

Publication date: 06/06/2005