The Recessed Dryer Box DBX1000, which can be used in HVAC applications, is de-signed to replace the unsightly, impractical hole-in-the-wall look of other dryer vent connections, claims the manufacturer. The vent receptacle is square and can be installed by a subcontractor, as it fits into 16- or 24-inch on center framing. Available in depths of 4 or 6 inches, the receptacle can accommodate 2- by 4-inch or 2- by 6-inch framing. The box can be used for up, down, side or direct venting as it has several knockouts available; the purchase of a separate up or down receptacle is unnecessary. According to the manufacturer, the DBX 1000 reduces construction costs on drywall and paint repairs and easily finishes with a snap-in flush-to-wall trim ring - no "punch" repairs. The vent receptacle meets UL94 HB flammability testing.

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