Goodman Manufacturing Co. has selected ServiceBench’s warranty management solution to automate its distribution channel.
Goodman Manufacturing Co. has teamed up with ServiceBench Inc., a provider of Web-based service supply chain management solutions, to make life easier on its distributors.

Goodman has selected ServiceBench's warranty management solution to automate its distribution channel. The new Web-enabled system is designed to easily connect Goodman to its approximately 300 distributors and potentially thousands of participating contractors, automating numerous service activities across the channel.

The service, which began the integration process with Goodman at the beginning of the year, has earned rave reviews from distributors. "I have been very impressed with all that is associated with the warranty management solution," said Ryan Schulz of HVAC Supplier Inc., Denver. "It is very user friendly."

With the ServiceBench system, Goodman distributors and service contractors are able to register and process warranty claims. The solution is expected to help Goodman significantly streamline channel operations, increase accuracy, reduce costs, and improve service delivery. "The biggest thing is that it is user friendly and it is quick," said Bernard Orelup of G.W. Berkheimer, Portage, Ind. "If you are working on a warranty and don't have a certain piece of information, you can save it, then come back a day or two later when you have the info."

More Information

The Web-based system may be accessed with any standard Web browser. Product warranties can be registered by consumers to ensure authorized coverage and service providers can respond to service calls without unnecessary delay. Claims can be submitted in just minutes and be instantly approved, rather than taking weeks or months.

"I get the information I need immediately for each and every individual claim," said Schulz. "I think this program should have been brought about even sooner. It makes our lives easier. I have not had one complaint."

In addition to making the warranty process simpler, the program also has a warranty analytics feature. This tool allows Goodman to gain early insight into trends that measure the quality of service providers, the reliability of products, the frequency of parts used in repair, and other factors that may help reduce warranty costs and improve customer satisfaction.

"We can provide a lot of valuable information," said ServiceBench CEO and president Michael Dering. "And that information is right there, whenever you need it."

Additional features of the service include modules on registrations, claims, payments, and supplier recovery. "This program has a great response time," said Orelup. "Most big manufacturers have some sort of Internet-based system, but this is one of the best ones I have seen. Warranties used to be labor intensive, but not anymore."

Distributor Feedback

Goodman officials realized they needed this type of program after receiving feedback from distributors. Distributors stated that the warranty program was a slow process, which was costing a lot of time and money. "You don't make money off of warranties, but it is a necessary part of the business," said Rachel Carter, manager of extended warranties for Goodman.

After much brainstorming and shopping around, Goodman decided ServiceBench had the product that best matched its needs. "They are very flexible, which we appreciate," said Carter. "They can change the service to make it unique to our business model. The ease of use of the system was real appealing. They really made it fit into Goodman's requirements."

Goodman presented a unique case for ServiceBench. "Working with an HVAC company is different for us, but this software goes in whatever direction you want it to," said Dering.

In addition to warranty management, ServiceBench provides service call management, field service management, parts management, and repair management. Goodman is excited about its partnership with ServiceBench.

"At Goodman, we are committed to delivering the highest quality products backed by superior warranties and service - and our alliance with ServiceBench will enable us to take this goal even further," stated Gary Clark, senior vice president of marketing for Goodman.

"With the warranty management solution, our trusted channel partners will be able to do their jobs more easily, while Goodman will be able to easily track important service trends - helping us to improve our value in real time."

Publication date: 08/29/2005