In early September, a National Hydronics Forum, hosted by the Canadian Hydronics Council (CHC), was held with the purpose of exploring issues and barriers that currently exist in the hot water heating (hydronic) industry. A professional facilitator guided the discussion of 26 of the industry's key stakeholders, including representatives from manufacturers, wholesalers, agents, retired industry professionals, technical institutions, and several industry associations that represent members of the above categories, as well as contractors.

According to the participants, the outcome of this in-depth forum has provided a clear message from the industry to those associations who manage its activities - five objectives need to be focused on if the growth of the sector is to flourish:

1. Certification of those who install hydronic heating systems;

2. Training (both technical and sales) for contractors;

3. Research into hydronic heating systems and their measurable benefits;

4. Marketing the concept of hot water heating to the public; and

5. The creation of a unified voice for the hydronic sector.

The CHC will be spearheading committees to address each of these areas. Involvement in these committees is open to anyone - not solely CHC members - and other industry associations will be invited in the planning process where appropriate. People who would like to get involved with one of the committees can contact Jason Bourque ( to be introduced to the respective committee chair.

Details on the forum can be found at Updates on progress will be posted on the same Web page.

Publication date: 10/10/2005