DORAVILLE, Ga. - Purafil Inc. has partnered with Climathermica in Greece to improve indoor air quality, remove odors in commercial facilities, and prevent corrosion of industrial process control systems.

For over 30 years, Purafil has manufactured air quality systems that protect people, electronics, artifacts, and the environment from odorous, toxic, hazardous, and corrosive gases. The company maintains nearly 20,000 installations in 60 countries worldwide.

Established in 1987, Climathermica sells the whole spectrum of particulate air filters and numerous HVAC products to commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities in Greece.

"Climathermica is very excited to represent Purafil. With our great experience and technical knowledge, we look forward to providing gas-phase air filtration systems with the same success as particulate air filters," said Gregory Tsinonis, sales manager for Climathermica.

Publication date: 05/30/2005