"4 kids home on summer vacation. 106° in the shade. 1 Sporlan A/C valve. Thankfully, the design engineer knew to specify Sporlan."

While that headline may have been short and sweet, it was the blue house in Sporlan's ad on page 39 of the April 18 issue that apparently peaked the interest of readers.

"This ad is pleasing," remarked York. "There might have been too much room devoted to the houses when more might have been devoted to larger TXV displays. But, all in all, the ad is pretty good."

According to Sporlan, "Design engineers worldwide depend on Sporlan for custom-engineered products that meet their challenge. It's no wonder that Sporlan is the #1 specified A/C product line."

For more information, visit www.sporlan.com.

Publication date: 12/12/2005