Different clients respond to different benefits from refrigerant-side services. Your refrigerant-side contractor’s representative will help you crunch the numbers and will meet with your client if you wish.

Here are the most common hot buttons:

Building manager-engineer — Demonstrate how early detection and remedial decontamination save energy dollars, which can usually justify the work in a matter of months. Show how catastrophic shutdown can be avoided and how necessary repairs can be scheduled during routine shutdowns, avoiding downtime.

Property manager — Rent income is the property manager’s major concern. Show how early detection can eliminate chiller shutdown during the cooling season, thereby avoiding the risk of tenants withholding rents when chillers fail. Also show the savings in energy dollars when remedial work is performed.

Process engineer — Lost production is the process engineer’s driving fear. Demonstrate how early detection and online decontamination helps ensure uninterrupted production and provides energy savings.