In the Nauticon® evaporative condenser, the pump circulates water from the sump to the water distribution system, which sprays the water on the coil surface. Refrigerant/fluid enters the unit and is dispersed into the coil bundle, cooled, and returned to the system. Heat is removed from the fluid/gas inside the copper tubes by evaporating water on the outside of the tubes. Then, the water is cooled and the heat rejected by air passing through the compartment. The fan pulls air through the coils, evaporating the water and cooling the liquid/gas inside the coils. The automatic sump drain control system drains the sump periodically each day. According to the company, the unit does not require scale water treatment due to the spiral coil design, which is capable of shedding any scale that accumulates. The evaporative condenser is ideally suited for large buildings that require constant, year-round air conditioning in hot and humid climates, the manufacturer states.

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