The XDF is a plug-and-play enclosure system that allows rapid deployment of high-density equipment almost anywhere. The unit extends the mini computer room concept to the requirements of high-density server and communications equipment, the company states. It uses an air, water, or glycol cooling system, fully integrated into the company's Foundation enclosure. Mission-critical power protection can be added through the GXT2, a rack-mounted uninterruptible power supply that features online power protection, remote monitoring, an external maintenance bypass and extended battery runtimes. The air-cooled Liebert XDF is a fully self-contained enclosure that requires only an AC power connection to create an integrated protection system for up to 36 rack unit spaces (U) of sensitive electronics. Water-cooled or glycol-cooled units use remote heat rejection to support the in-rack cooling system and protect up to 42U of equipment.

Liebert, Emerson Network Power, 1050 Dearborn Dr., Columbus, OH 43085; 800-877-9222;

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