GARDEN GROVE, Calif. - Teletrac Inc., manufacturer of the FleetDirector® vehicle tracking and fleet management system, announced the availability of its automated State Fuel Tax Report. This report further supplements the other fleet management reports currently available with FleetDirector's eClient® data collection system.

Using a combination of vehicle location data provided by FleetDirector's active, enhanced GPS system and vehicle operating data captured by Teletrac's Prismâ„¢ onboard recorder, the State Fuel Tax Report provides customers with complete, fully documented information needed for state fuel tax reporting, the company said.

Collected information includes a mileage summary by state, by vehicle, and for a specified period of time. Details include the vehicle name or ID code, state abbreviation, the total miles driven in that state, and a total for all miles driven for that vehicle. Users can select running a report for all vehicles or just one, for a single day or a group of days.

According to Teletrac chief operating officer Tim VanCleve, the report offers several advantages to Teletrac customers. He noted, "This greatly speeds up and simplifies the fuel tax reporting process. Tedious, mistake-prone, and labor-intensive fuel tax preparation operations can be replaced with more productive use of time. In addition, customers have complete and accurate documentation should they be audited. This is another example of Teletrac's commitment to helping our customers' operations become more efficient."

Teletrac Inc., headquartered in Garden Grove, Calif., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trafficmaster, a supplier of vehicle navigation and support systems in Bedfordshire, England. For additional information, contact Teletrac at 800-835-3872 or visit

Publication date: 05/30/2005