A series of split-case pumps has been introduced by Bell & Gossett with several features that the manufacturer said have never before been offered in the HVAC industry.

The VSX (Vertical Split-Case Excellence) pumps are double suction, base mounted, centrifugal pumps. The pumps will be available to the industry in February. Innovations, according to the manufacturer, include, "multiple suction and discharge flange configurations that maximize piping possibilities and can reduce overall equipment footprints by up to 40 percent."

The VSX connection options include the VSC model (top suction/top discharge flanges), the VSCS model (side suction/top discharge flanges), and the VSH (side suction/side discharge flanges)."

It was also noted that the "hydraulic matching of the pump impeller and casing was achieved by using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The result is a product offering superior performance in chillers, cooling towers, distributive pumping, and a wide range of additional applications. The CFD process also allows any one of the three models to provide the identical level of hydraulic performance - no matter what orientation of the pump flanges are selected."

The company further said the technology provides "the HVAC industry's first wireless pump monitoring system that allows remote monitoring via the Internet" and "the first built-in generator to power the pump's sensors and data monitor."

Steve Schmitz, senior product line manager for pumps at Bell & Gossett, said, "Based on our comprehensive Voice of the Customer (VOC) program, we have created a pump that features the ultimate in hydraulic design, reliability, and installation versatility."

The Watchman wireless pump system monitors equipment operations via computer, Internet-capable PDA, or cell phone.


The Voice of the Customer program, in the case of the VSX project, involved interviewing more than 300 customers including consulting/specifying engineers, contractors, building managers, wholesalers, distributors, and other industry persons.

According to Bell & Gossett, "Industry users wanted a split-case pump that provided features and benefits not currently available from any existing pumps in the marketplace."

Karl Busher, vice president of marketing for ITT Fluid Handling Division, said, "The VSX is truly a pump designed by our customers. They told us they wanted an innovative pump that provides a variety of important performance features not currently available to the HVAC marketplace. So we created it."

Bell & Gossett has named the launch of the pumps Revolution X because company officials said it changes the way pumps have been designed for some 50 years.

"Until now, pump flow was maximized by pushing extreme velocities through 50-year-old pump volute (technology) and matching existing pump size to chiller and tower needs," Schmitz said.

"When we engineered the VSX, we first identified customers' chiller and tower hydraulic needs, and then we designed the pump sizes to meet these and other specific needs."


The wireless pump monitoring system is called Watchmanâ„¢ and automatically collects, trends, and displays data that can be used "to significantly reduce costly downtime and service calls."

The system, according to the company, uses input from vibration, temperature, pressure and speed sensors, together with algorithms, to create alarms that notify users of the unit's operating conditions via cell phones, pagers, e-mails, and Web-based browsers.

"Unlike traditional systems, the Watchman was designed from the ground up to have a low total cost of ownership compared to traditional ‘hard wired' systems," the company said. The Watchman is an available option on all VSX Series pumps.

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Publication date: 01/30/2006