Four new MFM300 multifunction HVAC kits now are available. The real-time superheat/subcooling kit performs superheat and subcooling calculations. The Air Conditioning kit, MFM300-Kit-1, contains the MFM300 multifunction expandable instrument, general-purpose probe (Model 1075), pipe strap probe (Model 4011), humidity probe (Model 5029), vane cfm thermo-anemometer (Model 5400). The General Purpose kit, MFM300-Kit-2, includes Models MFM300, 1075, 4011, 5029 and a 1,000-psi pressure probe (Model 5200). The Real-time Superheat/Sub-Cooling kit, MFM300-Kit-3, includes Models MFM300, 1075, 4011, 5200, and a 500-psi pressure probe (Model 5250). The Deluxe kit, MFM300-Kit-4, contains Models MFM300, 1075, 4011, 5029, 5400, 5250, and 5200, thus combines the capabilities of the other three kits into one.

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