ANAHEIM, Calif. - If you are wondering what's on the minds of commercial refrigeration manufacturers and what their latest products look like, the National Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) Show, held every other year, is a good place to investigate. This year the event was held at the Anaheim Convention Center.

A walk among the 600 exhibitors found:

  • Concerns about higher-efficiency standards being fueled by strict California legislation, and that could become adopted by other states. It prompted exhibitors to commit to meet those state standards with equipment that would be sold throughout North America.

  • An awareness of competition. Manufacturers have continued to expand lines, embracing products they may not have considered a decade ago.

  • The water issue. Ever present and ever a concern in the food sector, products that have water passing through them in any way were said to meet the highest standards of purity.

  • The look. Even with energy issues, products that will be seen by customers need eye appeal. That resulted in a range of looks, from varied colors to stainless steel to at least one company that offered any color you wanted, as long as it was white.

    Here, then, is an alphabetical look at some manufacturers' new innovations.

    “Refrigeration Solutions” promoted by Hussmann included packaged systems, parallel racks, Protocol distributed technology, and single-compressor refrigeration systems.

    Walking The Aisles

    The Arctic Air Division of Broich Enterprises ( showed a range of reach-ins under the theme, "Discover the Beauty of White."

    The Beverage Air line from Carrier ( or included open-air merchandisers and display cases.

    Cold-Tech ( showed reach-ins with heights up to 82 inches, recessed doors, and temperature controls that allow for the adjustment of temperature and defrost settings.

    A wireless monitor system was shown by Cooper-Atkins ( that uses re-mote temperature sensors that can be mounted within walk-ins and other areas. Alerts come through a variety of methods, including pages or e-mail.

    CUNO Inc. ( introduced the Aqua-Pure® commercial family of water filtration products. Its IMPACTechnology combines an outside membrane prefilter and a carbon block core filter.

    Danfoss ( showed its new-generation Adap-Kool® electronic controls for supermarket control and monitoring.

    Electrolyzed water was promoted by Electrolyzer Corp. ( The company said the idea is "to produce water that kills bacteria and viruses within contact, without the use of chemicals." The approach uses salt and tap water in an electrochemical separation process.

    Arctic Air Division of Broich Enterprises showed a range of reach-ins under the theme, “Discover the Beauty of White.”
    Emerson Climate Technologies ( showed what it called "the reach-in of the future," designed to improve energy efficiency by more than 25 percent. Emerson's Design Service Network Division designed the model. It uses Copeland K compressors, Emerson Climate Technologies IK filter-driers, and hermetic moisture indicators. An Intelligent Condensate Controller (ICON) manages anti-condensate heaters with the ability to maintain a specific differential between a case's dewpoint and its frame temperature.

    Everpure ( introduced a line of filter cartridges featuring Micro-Pure® II filtration media with AgION™ antimicrobial protection. The precoated filters are designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria in filtration systems. The technology is designed to provide "superior chlorine taste and odor reduction," the company said.

    Fluke ( introduced FoodProâ„¢ and FoodProPlusâ„¢ infrared thermometers to gauge food product temperature and help detect potential food safety problems.

    Greenheck ( highlighted its hoods and fans, including a flue bypass proximity hood to divert hot flue gases behind the filters as a way to lower exhaust cfm.

    Hoshizaki America ( launched its Serenity ice machine series. One unit produces crescent cube ice and another produces cubelet ice. The first produces up to 1,300 pounds of ice in 24 hours and the latter produces up to 830 pounds. Additional models are planned.

    The company also introduced a reach-in freezer prototype that offers lower energy consumption, dual door frame heaters, a removable refrigeration system, and a removable/cleanable air filter.

    "Refrigeration Solutions" from Hussmann ( include packaged systems, parallel racks, Protocol distributed technology, and single-compressor refrigeration systems.

    IMI Cornelius’s Flavorfusion™ drink dispenser is said to contain 16 different drinks and an additional eight flavor options, all in a 30-inch footprint.
    Ice-o-Matic ( introduced the ICEU under-counter cube ice maker that produces up to 305 pounds of ice daily with a 112-pound storage bin. It has front-air discharge and does not need air filters, the company said.

    IMI Cornelius ( showed its colorful Flavorfusionâ„¢ drink dispenser, said to contain 16 different drinks and an additional eight flavor options, all in a 30-inch footprint.

    Kold Draft ( was in an under-counter mode with its GK101A50 icemaker, which produces up to 110 pounds of ice a day and has a 57-pound storage capacity.

    In addition to air curtains, Mars ( showed makeup air systems. The idea was to reduce building energy costs, control pressure conditions, and repel windborne contaminants.

    Manitowoc ( showed the SM50, a compact, under-counter ice machine designed for use in business settings such as board rooms, conference rooms, and business lunch areas. It has a multifunction control panel, water filtration system, and adjustable height.

    The company also introduced a countertop nugget icemaker and water dispenser. The SN Series offers ice only, water only, or ice and water.

    Master-Bilt ( entered the gelato arena with the American-made GEL Series, which comes in three sizes and can use 5-liter pans or U.S.-standard 1/3, 1/2, and full pans, or 3-gallon tubs.

    MRS Series modular, multicompressor system offers remote interaction of all refrigeration units in establishments to a single MRS system. In this way, said the manufacturer, business owners can remove the heat produced by multiple refrigeration systems from their kitchens or stores, and reduce their air conditioning load.

    The DRS Series dual-compressor refrigeration system, a smaller version of the MRS Series, connects multiple refrigeration/freezing units. A multicircuit condenser coil is designed for 110 degree F ambient conditions. Freezer applications come with a scroll compressor capable of up to 5 hp; cooler applications come with a hermetic compressor capable of up to 3 hp. Units feature a prewired electrical panel for one-point connection.

    “Thrilling” and “chilling” was the theme of Scotsman at the NAFEM show.
    Smart Vapâ„¢ was billed as an electronically controlled system at the booth of National Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Canada Corp. (Brantford, Ont., Canada). The defrost/temperature control is preset at the factory for electric defrost mode. The room temperature default factory setting is -10 degrees and can be readjusted on site if a different setting is required.

    Nu-Calgon ( showed a couple of new innovations. Its "3-step prevention program" for ice machines took three of its products - IMS-II sanitizing concentrate, Spray Guardâ„¢, and Ice Guardâ„¢ - and showed how "these products perform best when used together to protect your ice and your equipment."

    The Krystal Guardâ„¢ modular filtration system consists of two cartridges to mix and match. Both contain gradient-depth carbon block technology to maximize dirt holding capacity and particulate reduction, the company said.

    QBD Cooling Systems ( used the slogan "counter intelligence" for its Grab ‘N' Go refrigerated display cases. The R-134a refrigeration system is in the back of the small case, which can be set along cafeteria lines or atop moveable shelving.

    Refrigeration Design Technology ( promoted its custom work in parallel racks. The company showed a system for five walk-ins and six reach-ins, with three medium-temp compressors and one low-temp compressor. Control technology comes from Emerson.

    Quick-Freezeâ„¢ technology was shown by Ross Manufacturing ( for the continual dispensing of custard-type ice cream. A stainless steel barrel rests within another barrel; the refrigerant is in the sleeve between the barrels. This, said booth personnel, allows faster freezing and smaller ice crystals.

    Scotsman ( highlighted nugget ice machines with AutoSentry™ monitoring systems for "simplified diagnostics," the company said. In addition, the iceValet® hotel ice dispenser is available in 22- and 30-inch widths.

    Finally, AquaDefense® system for sanitation includes a water filtration system designed especially for ice machines; an antimicrobial media is placed directly in the sump water. AgION antimicrobial compound is molded directly into key ice machine components.

    Servend ( introduced the "Flavor Magic System" with a variety of flavor options. It is compatible with Servend ice/beverage dispensers equipped with the rocking chute ice dispenser mechanism.

    Publication date: 11/14/2005