According to figures from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES,, there is a lot of room for improvement in K-12 school ventilation. A study revealed that HVAC systems were reported to be in less-than-adequate condition at 29 percent of schools that participated in the study.

Ventilation/IAQ had a high dissatisfaction rating, with 26 percent of schools saying that they perceive it to be unsatisfactory. About one-third of the schools also reported unsatisfactory energy efficiency. Acoustics also came in for their share of criticism.

Certain types of new HVAC products have been designed to help schools improve ventilation, IAQ, noise-vibration control, and efficiency. Here is a sampling of three such products.

The VFC vertical fan coil indoor air-handling unit from Greenheck supplies cooling and/or heating to schools, office buildings, and medical facilities.

Air Filter

Camfil Farr's Durafil® 2V V-bank air filter contains about 100 square feet of media in a pleat-in-pleat design that offers high dust-holding capacity, long life, and low average pressure drop, the company said. It offers school administrators a more economical alternative to high-area minipleat filters (it uses an all-plastic holding frame), while delivering the efficiency associated with V-style rigid filters, said the manufacturer.

Applications include variable air volume (VAV) systems and commercial, institutional, and industrial environments.

The filter comes in MERV 11, 13, and 14 efficiencies (60 percent to 65 percent; 80 percent to 85 percent; and 90 percent to 95 percent efficient, respectively). A sealant channel helps ensure media pack-to-frame bonding, preventing air bypass. The filter is suited to airflow capacities up to 2,000 cfm, with a final pressure drop capability to 2.0 inches water gauge. It includes an integral 1-inch header for a secure fit into the filter-holding mechanism.

Camfil Farr, One N. Corporate Dr., Riverdale, NJ 07457; 866-422-6345; 973-616-7771 (fax); in Canada, 2785 Frances Hughes Ave., Laval, Quebec H7L 3J6; 866-422-6345; 450-662-6035 (fax);

The Camfil Farr Durafil 2V V-bank air filter offers a more economical alternative to high-area minipleat filters, the company says.

Indoor Air-Handling Unit

Greenheck's Model VFC vertical fan coil indoor air-handling unit supplies cooling and/or heating to schools, office buildings, and medical facilities. The company said the compact unit's insulated double-wall construction provides an economical means of preserving indoor air quality.

Panels on each side of the unit provide accessibility to all internal components, including a stainless steel drain pan. Internal neoprene isolation reduces the potential of vibration noise; a flexible blower connection to the housing is standard. The Model VFC is available in seven sizes with performance capabilities ranging from 300 to 3,500 cfm and up to 3.5 inches water gauge.

Greenheck, P.O. Box 410, Schofield, WI 54476-0410; 715-359-6171; 715-355-2399 (fax);

Packaged Rooftop Units

The Reznor Modular Air Processing System (MAPS®II) packaged rooftop units, which have been used successfully on schools, can stand alone or be coupled with an energy recovery module to provide 100 percent heated or air conditioned outside air to school corridors, gyms, etc., the company said.

The MAPS also offers dehumidification capabilities through its Re-Heat Pump™ heating cycle. Available in 2- through 32-ton cooling capacities and performance capabilities of 800 to 10,000 cfm, the systems also feature the TCORE2® combustion system and integrated DDC. It comes equipped with three-stage gas heating and cooling/dehumidification in one-third incremental steps to minimize temperature swings and improve operating reliability, the company said.

Its double-wall insulated cabinet features hinged service panels for access to common service areas. It is available as a dedicated, 100 percent outside air intake and filter transition, to provide uniform filter and cooling coil loading; or as a dedicated mixed-air intake cabinet (both outside air intake and upflow return air opening), the company explained.

Reznor HVAC Division, 8155 T&B Boulevard, Mailcode #4C-25, Memphis, TN 38125; 800-695-1901; 901-252-1305 (fax);

Publication date: 08/08/2005