With the introduction of new three- and four-compressor units, the Latitudeâ„¢ air-cooled chiller line has been expanded to include units that range from 260 to 515 tons. The chillers use R-134a and provide efficiencies up to 10.5 EER and an integrated part-load value (IPLV) up to 15.2 EER. The chillers incorporate advanced variable-speed drive technology with screw compressors to improve energy and sound-level performance, says the company. The SilentNightâ„¢ control system employs a proprietary load-limit control function, which is designed to ensure quiet operation, states the manufacturer. Independent refrigeration circuits for each compressor provide redundancy. The chiller control center keeps track of compressor runtime and startups, and automatically switches the lead and lag compressors to balance operating hours. Maintenance data is available from the display panel, a remote BAS, or downloadable logs.

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