The J-Trackâ„¢ self-sealing filter system is incorporated into the company's horizontal airflow systems to prevent air bypass. A horizontal airflow system using this self-sealing filter system functions with higher filtration efficiency than standard horizontal airflow system designs, which do not control air bypass within the system, claims the company. These airflow systems contain dry chemical air filtration media contained in MediaPAKâ„¢ disposable modules. The J-Track supports the system's modules on slanted tracking via a corresponding angled notch in the module frame. The modules slide into the unit and use their weight to shift against the channel, producing up to 10 pounds of self-sealing pressure, the company states. According to the manufacturer, the key to the self-sealing filter system is the placement and the angle of the slanted tracking and corresponding notch; the correct placement and angle forces a positive seal with the tracking. It can be used in both commercial and industrial applications.

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